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Since 1980 I've practiced as a change management consultant, small business advice provider and leadership training facilitator.
From the 90' s I've been involved in developing and practicing online consulting processes.

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I'll do 'house-calls' consulting service; managers and employee workshops at your place
Ask me about the gain-sharing program: my fee is directly tied to your business performance.
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 I'm Dr. Joseph Abraham, 
             an expert on 
 people and corporate  behavior, a management consultant  
and a small business advice provider
            My consulting service has a mission:
    Helping you and your business
  to become more effective
Located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania but serving nationwide and international clients
Dr. Joseph Abraham, Small Business Advice Provider
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Dr. Joseph Abraham, Change Management Consultant
Stress Management 

Creative Ways to 
Run Your Business

Resolving Managerial 
and Business Constrains 
What is Online Consulting?
It is the process of interacting with 
your management consultant online, in ongoing conversations over time. The client and the online management consultant are in separate locations and utilize phone, e-mails or internet video-conferencing technology to communicate with each other. 
It is a relatively easy modality to provide small business advice and assist individuals and their organizations resolve their business issues.
What is Web-Cam Consulting?
Video-conferencing technology allows us to meet in our "virtual office", which is where our 
computer is. 
Web-cam consultation has the same power as a "real" face to face meeting for helping people and organizations resolve issues concerning: work relationship, management decision making, marketing and business dilemmas.
What can you gain from the Online Consulting Method?
This is a cost effective, user friendly and accessible way to helps achieve an immediate management control or to assist in an ongoing complex business challenges. 
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Human Growth 
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